Why Sugarsync rocks more than Dropbox, and how to get free space

Sugarsync vs Dropbox

Don’t know what Sugarsync is? In a few words: Easy backup, 5 GB of free space, and an easy way to share your files (especially the big ones) with other people.

If you want even more free space than those 5 GB, use this link to sign up. That way I will get some more space, and you too! And if you decide to sign up, you will get 10GB for free, on top of the package you choose.

So why should you bother with Sugarsync?

If you, like me, need to be able to send huge files wherever you are, you know how hard a task that can be. Even if you have the huge file on your laptop AND the laptop with you, you will often need to try to find a good hotspot, or connection on your mobile device. And if your luck is as bad as mine – that connection will suck.

With Sugarsync you can have all your huge work files uploaded as you create them, as well as previous versions of them online – so you are safe in case of a disk crash (god forbid!). But the really cool part is that you can use their apps on Android or iPhone to easily share that huge file with anyone you want to.

Why Sugarsync is better than Dropbox

While its possible to put something together with Dropbox to do backups of folders etc, you have to set up all kinds of extra programs or scripts to do it. With Sugarsync you just tell the Sugarsync client (Windows and Mac) what folders to sync, and you are done.

Size matters

If you are going to use a service like Dropbox, iCloud or Sugarsync for backups, and you actually have something to backup – it will become pretty clear that you will need more space. With Sugarsync that is no problem. Sugarsync has a plan that allows you 500 GB of space, thats 5 times more than Dropbox and 10 times more than iCloud! But you can choose whatever plan you like, and most of the time Sugarsync will be less expensive than its competitors.

Easy sharing

With Dropbox you need to make sure that the files you want to share is put in the public folder, with Sugarsync you can share any file you have made backups of, by creating a public link (they stay private to anyone that don’t know that spesific link).

Sharing a file from your backup with someone using Sugarsync is just a matter of finding your file on your computer, right clicking and choosing “Get public link” and you are ready to send the link to the file to anyone you want to. Or you can use the app and have that send off an e-mail with the link.

What other differences are there between Sugarsync and Dropbox?

Sugarsync has made this video that really tells more than all the words I have already wasted, sorry to spring it on you so late in the article ;)


What are you waiting for? Get backup-ing and get your free 5 GB of online storage now.

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