Forest Farmhouse

I loved this farm house surrounded by trees, so close to Oslo but it loks like it is isolated and in the whoop whoops.

This is Jarle´s photo of the farm house we saw while up in the hills overlooking Oslo. We were up in clear air and there were trees for miles, then peeping out at me I spotted this farm house.

It looked small from where I was but it is obviously a good sized set of buildings. Must be nice to be in such a peacful environment but close to all the amenities Oslo offers.

Forest Walk

Jarle and I went for a walk in the forest today. Walked for about 2.5 hours over hilly terrain, had some ´interesting´ patches.

Lots of different mushrooms and toadstools, got to take some photos of those next time.

The path was stony, rocky, grassy or boggy depending where along track you were. At one stage we climbed along a steep hillside with a rocky stream coming down it to avoid a good boggy patch below.

It was a very peaceful walk, with widely spaced trees. occasional birds and quite a few people walking dogs.

Words for the day:

  • Kongle = pinecone
  • sopp = Mushroom
  • Lyng = group of bushes
Forest path
Forest path
  • Trees and blue sky overhead
    Trees and blue sky overhead

    Small ghost stone along the path
    Small ghost stone along the path
Roots creeping across path
Roots creeping across path