Driving in Snowy conditions

Things you don´t think about when you think of having a white christmas. Driving!

You look out the window and see the pretty snow swirling in the shifting breezes.

You go outside and shovel snow so that latter the car can get out and you enjoy working together with your sweetie for a common goal.

Then later you leave and he drives you to the movies. This is where the reality of driving while its snowing hits you. We have driven before in snow but not with as much as today.

First thing I noticed was there was no middle line in the road. In fact no road markings really. How well do you know your roads to your nearest city to you?? Do you know when there is one lane each way and two lanes your side of road or theirs? Well in weather like this where there are no median strips you really need to know. Luckily my partner does!

Second thing you notice is the car moving sideways at times when you don´t expect it. Luckily my man is well used to driving in snowy conditions and these were just little movements.

Third thing I noticed was that road signs like the round speed ones had snow stuck to their face and were partly or fully obscured. Which made me wonder if I remember the speed limits from Porirua to Paraparaumu well enough to drive the right speed at the right time.

So in short I was glad it was my man driving not me!! And a resolution not to drive unknown roads in these conditions if ever faced with that dilemma.

To end the night we were faced with wind swept swaths of snow and had to dig our way into the car park. Adds to the whole going out experience 🙂