my first weblog

Testing Moveable type now, after having tested Radio, a client/server system that was pretty amazing, but is only available for Win32 and Mac, and requires a server to run on your machine (don’t worry, it’s not hard to setup – not harder than installing something like a screensaver or anything else, that only requires you to click ok a couple of times *g*)

It is interesting to take a look at all the work that has been put into these different weblog systems, people seem to have a lot they want to say :-) (Hey, I am guilty as charged).

Radio, by UserLand is available for Win32 and Mac OS 9 and X – and it is pretty impressive and not so expensive (40 dollar). They also have bigger systems that cost a WHOLE lot more. It is really easy to set up, and the first page was up 5 minutes after I had the software installed. It all took about 10 minutes I think. Its easy to import news, and to export your homepage to others if you want. (With XML).

Moveable type is a little different, it all happens on the server you use to publish the site, its done in Perl – requires serveral classes to be available to run – and also requires some knowledge of setting up Perl scripts. AND, it lacks the RSS news feed import. (That sucks). BUT, it is totally free. :-)

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