EDUCATION1985 – 1986: Handel og Kontor – Bjertnes Videregående Skole.
1989 – 1991: Norsk Lydskole – Sound engineer education

WORK1987 – 1991: Freelance work for Radio City/Radio Oslo
1988 – 1990: 7-Eleven
1991 – 1992: Radio Extra, Nittedal – Owner/Editor
1993 – 1996: Radio NERO, Nedre Romerike – Technical director/CTO
1996 – 1997: Webmaster AS – board member/owner/web designer
1997 – 1998: EuroCall Norge AS – Web developer
1998 – 2000: ICL Norge – Consultant
2000 – 2001: Netron AS – Technical director/CTO
2003 – 2011: Trygg og Sikker AS – Owner/IT/Sales
2001 – 2013: – Owner/Freelance work
2011 – current: Senson AS – Owner/CEO/Consultant


Radio NERO
– Computerization of the radio station with the DALET radio automation system.
– Responsible for the net precense of Radio NERO, making Radio NERO one of the first norwegian radiostations to get on the net.
– Project management and implementation of a new studio complex, total project costs: 1 Million NOK.

– Responsible for project management of one of the first eCommerce sites built in Norway – Webmaster did design and GUI implementation for the project.

EuroCall Norge
– Webmaster and responsible for development of EuroCalls online yellow pages.

ICL Norge
– NSB Gods. NSBs freigh division, responsible for the GUI of their freight tracking system.
– UD. Norwegian foreign ministry, responsible for development and design of the UD intranet, and design and development of the State Visit (Clinton) and Rabin meeting website.
– Nordic Embassies in Berlin: Design and implementation of information kiosk solution for the nordic embassies.
– Folkehelseinstituttet: Norwegian Institute of Public Health, responsible for development and implementation of the institutes web site together with the Transit web-publishing/convertion system, as well as technical consultant on integration of internal systems into the workflow of the institute.
– DNB: Intranet project, implementing Transit into DNBs intranet system. Also participated as technical consultant for the DNB external website.

Netron AS
– P4
– Telenor Nordicom
– Tansa Systems

– Eurosko / DNA
– Flashmagazine

Independent Consultancy Work
– Folkehelseinsituttet: Implementation of eZ Publish content management system on Linux for the institutes intranet. implementation of a calendar system for scheduling of meeting rooms, as well as development and implementation of a human-resource database.

– Trygg og Sikker AS
Implementation of e-business solution, as well as internal IT-related work.

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