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CSS hacks and Internet Explorer 7

To follow up on the CSS frustrations for IE 6 post: Here is the way to go about dealing with hacking CSS for IE 7 and all its likely quirks with CSS: Easy CSS hacks for IE7 I really wish I won’t have any use for it, but I fear I will be using it a lot in the years to come. [Via FWW Posten]

Internet Explorer 6 and CSS frustrations

Right now I am working on the “2006 edition” of tryggogsikker.no – a site that has been live since 2002 and has markup that should make my stomack turn – if I wasn’t so used to it by now. So now its all XHTML and CSS. And with that its all CSS-frustrations, especially with Internet Explorer. But Jensa knows how to cheer me up. Check out this gem (for however long it stays): http://connect.microsoft.com/Styles/GeneralStyles.css /* fix for the IE 1px-off margin error */ * html .StupidIEMarginHack { margin-right: 1px; } …

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