10 points to Macromedia: Lots of PHP tutorials at the mothership says it best: Macromedia shows love for PHP :-)

Its nice to see them paying homage to PHP with all this good information. Especially useful is the “PHP Server-Side Graphics in Dreamweaver MX has the other links to PHP related stuff @ Macromedia.

flash php

On the top of the cool scale: AMF PHP

This is plenty cool. The reverse engineering of Macromedia’s proprietary data format AMF (ActionScript Message Format) has spawned a project on Sourceforge – AMF PHP – Flash remoting for PHP

The reverse engineering of Macromedias AMF format is still in progress, but is already looking very promising.

Only wish Macromedia themselves would have released the format so anyone could use it, without having to reverse engineer it first. Oh, and MM, please don’t kill this project off…


flash php

Open Source RSS Viewer

Nice to see another Flash RSS Viewer come along, this time with the source all available. It looks like a nice job done by the people at

The RSS Viewer is released under the GPL Open Source license, and the PHP source files, as well as the FLA is available for download from the site.

They have also made a Flash RSS banner, which looks pretty nifty.

Check out the info page at for more information about the rssViewer, on the info page you will also find the rssBanner.

The only improvement I could think of that they could do, would be to include my newsfeed ;-) As luck would have it, the rssViewer allows you to add your own favorite RSS feeds to the viewer.

[Via SwfNews]