iPhone feedback to Apple

Just submitted this bug report to Apple regarding their serious management and policy problem regarding iPhone application submissions to the AppStore. For more on this story, ready Gizmondo: Apple’s Chickenshit Approval Process Has Gone Too Far and There’s no app for that. and for some comic relief in the mist of it all: Oops, @MarissaMayer…… Continue reading iPhone feedback to Apple

Dagbladet.no skriver om meg

Dagbladet.no har meg som toppsak for øyeblikket, men har linket feil. For å finne mer om min blogging om Bedriftsguiden.no og Nettkatalogen – se min norske blogg. In English: Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.no has published an article about lawsuit letters I have been getting from the lawyers of Bedriftsguiden and Nettkatalogen – two internet catalog companies.…… Continue reading Dagbladet.no skriver om meg

Hunter S. Thompson writes his last piece

Inventing Shotgun golf was the last project of brilliant Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Sunday night he used a gun to end his own life. Doc Searls writes: It may take awhile for the distractions to evaporate, and for the good doctor’s constructive contributions to achieve the recognition they deserve. So here’s a head start:…… Continue reading Hunter S. Thompson writes his last piece

Summer vacation

The summer is upon us. Here in Norway we have had weather you would expect in march/april. But thats all good, because my vacation has been spent fixing up my house. The low activity on this blog is expected to last until I am done with the house. I might very well bother you with…… Continue reading Summer vacation