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A new start for the blog

If you still have me in your RSS-feed you are a patient soul. Its been almost 2 years and 2 months since I have posted on this blog. One reason is the lack of time, another is the lack of a functioning system to blog on. I had been using Movable Type since 2002. It started out nice, but has gotten old as time has moved along. So today the blog has been moved to WordPress, latest version and using their latest theme. It will give me easier ways to

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iPhone feedback to Apple

Just submitted this bug report to Apple regarding their serious management and policy problem regarding iPhone application submissions to the AppStore. For more on this story, ready Gizmondo: Apple’s Chickenshit Approval Process Has Gone Too Far and There’s no app for that. and for some comic relief in the mist of it all: Oops, @MarissaMayer Deletes Sensitive Tweet That Can Still Be Found. A really good and insightful article about the possible fallout and consequences of the AppStore approval scandal: Bad Apple: An Argument Against Buying an iPhone (Lifehacker) There

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Dagbladet.no skriver om meg

Dagbladet.no har meg som toppsak for øyeblikket, men har linket feil. For å finne mer om min blogging om Bedriftsguiden.no og Nettkatalogen – se min norske blogg. In English: Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.no has published an article about lawsuit letters I have been getting from the lawyers of Bedriftsguiden and Nettkatalogen – two internet catalog companies. The threats follows me blogging about these two companies. If you know norwegian you can read the Dagbladet.no article about the whole ordeal. And my original article about Bedriftsguiden In English, feel free to read

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Death penalty keeps killing inocent lifes in the US

Faulty Testimony Sent 2 to Death Row, Panel Finds – New York Times Faulty evidence masquerading as science sent two men to death row for arson in Texas and led to the execution of one of them, a panel of private fire investigators concluded in a report released Tuesday in Austin. […] The report examined prosecution arson testimony in the trials of two men: Ernest R. Willis, convicted of killing two women in a house fire in 1986 in Iraan, and Cameron T. Willingham, convicted of burning his home in

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Guantanamo : Using terror to fight terror

Its about time to post a little again. If you live in the UK you should make sure to catch the screening of “The Road to Guantanamo”, airing on Channel 4 on the 9th of march and on the cinema screen accross 18 countries the day after (except the US). The film is about three english guys that were detained in Guantanamo charged with being terrorists. The movie details their meeting with the unlawful “prison” and the torture they were put through in the 2 years they were detained there.

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The ‘creator of blogs’ lets out some steam

Probably not the right thing to do, but I just can’t help myself. I think this says a lot about why so many people end up arguing and having problems with Dave Winer: Scripting News: 2/27/2005 A little story. I was at a meeting with potential investors when the Fortune article hit, with all the bloggers on the cover. We had just said I was one of the leaders of the blogging revolution, and one of the investors pulled out the magazine, as if to ask why my name and

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Hunter S. Thompson writes his last piece

Inventing Shotgun golf was the last project of brilliant Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Sunday night he used a gun to end his own life. Doc Searls writes: It may take awhile for the distractions to evaporate, and for the good doctor’s constructive contributions to achieve the recognition they deserve. So here’s a head start: He opened journalism to the rest of us: I have a theory that the truth is ever told during the nine-to-five hours. If I’d written all the truth I knew for the past ten years,

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Summer vacation

The summer is upon us. Here in Norway we have had weather you would expect in march/april. But thats all good, because my vacation has been spent fixing up my house. The low activity on this blog is expected to last until I am done with the house. I might very well bother you with some pictures when its finished. In the time until that happens, feel free to feast your eyes on how bad my bathroom turned out to be, underneath the floor. Lets just say the new bathroom

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