iPhone feedback to Apple

Just submitted this bug report to Apple regarding their serious management and policy problem regarding iPhone application submissions to the AppStore.

For more on this story, ready Gizmondo: Apple’s Chickenshit Approval Process Has Gone Too Far and There’s no app for that. and for some comic relief in the mist of it all: Oops, @MarissaMayer Deletes Sensitive Tweet That Can Still Be Found. A really good and insightful article about the possible fallout and consequences of the AppStore approval scandal: Bad Apple: An Argument Against Buying an iPhone (Lifehacker)


There seem to be a bug on management level within your company. Pulling apps that uses Google Voice (and not allowing for the Google Voice app from Google) and not allowing for Google Latitude native app speaks to something terribly wrong with your app approving process.

I have been a fan of iPhone since the first version, I own both the first and second version of the phone and was looking forward to iPhone 3 GS launching in Norway. Now I am considering wether to continue being an Apple customer. I am a satisfied Apple customer that with a steady regularity buys software and hardware from your company, including a Macbook Pro, a Macook, a Airport Extreme etc. Your actions in the iPhone apps area has me considering not continuing my support for your company and products in the future. It just tastes too darn bad. I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way.

I really think you have made one serious mistake in not allowing the Google apps to be taken into the App store, and that includes third party developers. I think you are doing a huge disfavor to your customers and ultimately to your own company behaving the way you have in this case.

I am sure this will just be ignored. So I will make sure to blog it and spread it to all my Twitter contacts and in turn ask them to spread the news onwards.

Hope the bugs in management and policy will be fixed soon.

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