The illuminated snowboarder

Beautiful snowboard movie. Incredible effect of lighting the snowboarder with a led suit


Snow art

If I say snow and art, you are probably thinking snow sculptures, snow men and the sort. But just walking in the snow can create great art too!


Northern lights over Lillestrøm

Thought I would share this. Not the strongest northern lights, but pretty strong for where we live.


O’Reilly Digital Media Center

A cool new resource has surfaced for those into digital media (photography and other digital media). O’Reilly Digital Media Center

From PhotographyBLOG:

“As our digital media books continue to roll off the presses, we realized that we hadn’t provided an online meeting place for this community. As of today, that’s changed. Welcome to our new Digital Media site.” — Derrick Storey

Its obvious that the site is there to promote their books, but it also contains some interesting articles and interviews.

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Analog or digital photography?

Good argument in the analog/digital debate of SLRs by Gisle Hannemyr: Starting out: Film or digital


Interesting article about Depth of Field in Digital Photography

Depth of field
Coming from analog photography (SLR) I’ve always wondered how it was that all pictures taken with small digital cameras always was in focus. I have to admit I never really thought about it, and basically took it as a fact of life.

Getting a digital camera where depth of field suddenly shows itself again made me wonder even more. Luckily Anders (another Norwegian blogger and amateur photographer) posted a link to a blog that contained a few links to articles on the subject.

  • Depth of Field tutorial and explanation – by Michael Reichmann. Interesting tutorial that shows that in practise tele lenses and wide angel lenses have the same depth of field
  • DOF and digital cameras – by Andrzej Wrotniak. Probably my favorite of these links. It manages to explain why it is so hard (read impossible) to get to see any noticeable blurring in small digital cameras.
  • Depth of Field and the Digital Domain – by Bob Atkins at This is the most advanced explanation of the differences between large format, 35 mm and consumer digital cameras.

From Bob Atkins article:

So the bottom line – and all you really need to know – is that DOF [Depth of Field] is inversely proportional to format size. Note that format size is inversely proportional to the “digital multiplier”. The higher the “digital multiplier”, the smaller the format and thus the greater the depth of field. Note also that now you can see one of the reasons large format camera users need tilts and swings to get adequate depth of field. With an 8×10 camera you have about 8.5 times LESS depth of field than you do with 35mm for the same image. This also explains why consumer digicams, some of which have sensors 1/6 the size of 35mm film, have such a large depth of field and one of the reasons why it’s almost impossible to get blurred backgrounds when using them.

Which, really, explains it all :-)

BTW: The articles are all in-depth and goes well into the matter. Bob’s article also includes more links to good articles about the subject.

[Via Anders via The ArcterJournal.]


Photos getting better?

Photography has for some reason become one of my time wasters. I guess buying a lot of expensive equipment and wanting to get to know how to use it will do that to you.

As some of you might remember, I recently purchased a new digital camera. (It was about time, my previous camera was bought in the previous century ;-)

What do you think about one of the later pictures I have taken? I am setting up Gallery these days, and I promise to post a link to the new gallery as soon as I am happy with the setup.

Norwegian spring

I have been interested in photography for a long time, but getting new possibilities as well as new challenges. So here are some cool photo related links I have picked up so far:

Photo information sites:

  • Digital Camera Reviews has a lot of intersting information. Along with the great reviews and price guide there is also a user forum for many of the major digital cameras out there
  • Megapixel has a lot of interesting tutorials and information. Both in english and french.
  • has always been one of my favorite photo related sites. Its huge with a big community, forums, tutorials and galleries. Well worth a visit
  • Even if you don’t have a Canon digital camera, you might find a lot of interesting photo related stuff at Canons digital photography site.

Viewing others photographs:

  • Sensitive Light – Very cool site, especially like the macro photography.
  • Extrospection – fellow norwegian blogger Anders has his own photoblog, very nice pictures there.
  • has many cool photograps in her photoblog, updated almost daily with great shots.
  • Shutterbug australian photographer and blogger Tracey shares some of her coolest photos

Its a start?

humm.jpgGot my new, and highly anticipated, camera today. As you can see by the picture, it can only get better ;-)

Seriously though, its fairly easy to shoot photos with the Canon 10D, but I know I have a lot to learn, especially when shooting manually.

The picture is a result of long exposure because the camera and my flash didn’t co-operate right away.

I know I have some work to do before I get to the level of Anders and his pictures at Extrospection


Why digital cameras = better photographers

Being an avid photographer myself, I thought the article by Jonathan Duffy @ BBC News Online about Why digital cameras = better photographers was quite interesting. It also echoes a lot of the thoughts I have had myself. Especially being able to waste a number of pictures to get that ONE good shot is nice. I sure would never have been able to afford shooting 350 rolls of film to produce 10 pictures (Jonathan mentions that is what the photographers at National Geographics average when shooting a story).

Oh, given the opportunity, please feel free to visit my own little photogallery, with pictures from my own little exotic country Norway, as well as more know places, such as New York, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Jamaica etc.

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