The illuminated snowboarder

Beautiful snowboard movie. Incredible effect of lighting the snowboarder with a led suit

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Snow art

If I say snow and art, you are probably thinking snow sculptures, snow men and the sort. But just walking in the snow can create great art too!

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O’Reilly Digital Media Center

A cool new resource has surfaced for those into digital media (photography and other digital media). O’Reilly Digital Media Center From PhotographyBLOG: “As our digital media books continue to roll off the presses, we realized that we hadn’t provided an online meeting place for this community. As of today, that’s changed. Welcome to our new…… Continue reading O’Reilly Digital Media Center

Interesting article about Depth of Field in Digital Photography

Coming from analog photography (SLR) I’ve always wondered how it was that all pictures taken with small digital cameras always was in focus. I have to admit I never really thought about it, and basically took it as a fact of life. Getting a digital camera where depth of field suddenly shows itself again made…… Continue reading Interesting article about Depth of Field in Digital Photography

Its a start?

Got my new, and highly anticipated, camera today. As you can see by the picture, it can only get better ;-) Seriously though, its fairly easy to shoot photos with the Canon 10D, but I know I have a lot to learn, especially when shooting manually. The picture is a result of long exposure because…… Continue reading Its a start?