Google Analytics and why Google is giving away thousands of dollars

Google has just launched its new service “Google Analytics”. Its an evolved version of the Urchin analytics system that you once had to pay up to $2500 a year to use. So why has Google bought a business just to turn its thousand dollars a year service into a free service? I think Google says…… Continue reading Google Analytics and why Google is giving away thousands of dollars

Search Engine video lectures

Seems like interesting lectures. Search Engine Watch writes: Sergey Brin: The Video Lecture Google execs are all over the place talking all things Google these days. Several weeks ago Danny blogged about Professor Marti Hearst’s “awesome” UC Berkeley class featuring many presentations by some of the biggest names in the search biz including Battelle, Pedersen,…… Continue reading Search Engine video lectures

A little more about Google

Urs Hoelzle, VP of engineering at Google lets us in on some of the secrets of how Google can keep it search results fast and its service so reliable in this interview with CNet news. Google’s secret of success? Dealing with failure [Via The Unofficial Google Weblog]

Search TV with Google

This is an interesting announcement through the Google Blog: Google Video is a new product that enables you to search an index of transcripts from recent TV programs. It’s just an early-stage beta product at this point; you’ll only see stills and text snippets from shows that match your search terms, and you can only…… Continue reading Search TV with Google

Search Engine Optimization

Save yourself the trouble of hiring a bad SEO, take a few minutes to read about search engine optimization does and donts.

How to get thrown out of Google

Virtuelvis writes about Googles decision to remove Radisson SAS (major hotel chain) from their search engine after intentionally spamming Googles database. Spam and be punished Norwegian is reporting as their main headline of the day that the Radisson SAS chain of hotels were thrown out of Google for Search Engine Spam. The most interesting…… Continue reading How to get thrown out of Google

The official Google blog

Its been interesting to follow the Google Blog since its birth the 10th of may. Its still early days and just a few posts out. But when a large company like Google releases an official blog, its bound to be reactions. Today Doug Edwards addresses some of the feedback this way: Well, we managed to…… Continue reading The official Google blog

Google knowledge

I’ve been fascinated with Google since they first started offering their service. When they first started all the other available search engines was full of spam and it was almost impossible to find anything useful with them. Google revolutionised search engines with their new approach to search. So ever since I first saw them I…… Continue reading Google knowledge