How to get thrown out of Google

Virtuelvis writes about Googles decision to remove Radisson SAS (major hotel chain) from their search engine after intentionally spamming Googles database.

Spam and be punished

Norwegian is reporting as their main headline of the day that the Radisson SAS chain of hotels were thrown out of Google for Search Engine Spam.

The most interesting thing here is that the CEO of SAS Radisson knew about the spamming, and said the following (thank you to Virtuelvis for translating the norwegian quote):

We take this critique seriously, and will run this through our legal department once more. However, our IT departement in Copenhagen disagree with Google on what should and should not be allowed.


Virtuelvis – Spam and be punished (norwegian): Ble kastet ut av Google etter triksing

E-guiden (norwegian): Radisson SAS driver omfattende juks for

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