wpengine coupon code

The excellent and specialized WordPress hosting company wpengine has a nice campaign at the moment – 3 months free hosting (worth up to $747 USD). wpengine coupon code Use the coupon code: HEATWAVE Use this link and the wpengine coupon code to get 3 FREE MONTHS when you sign up for a year of hosting […]

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11 golden rules for WordPress developers

Mikkel has written an article about what to do and what not to do when developing WordPress sites. These are 11 personal «rules» for WordPress theme or plugin developers. They’re based on my own experience developing for the platform and bad practices I frequently see in WordPress themes and plugins. In my opinion, adhering to […]

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Got to love Apple sometimes

So my wifes iPhone starts acting up with low sound when in calls. I call Apple and after going through the possible software problems that could have caused it (with a very friendly and patient support woman), we decide it needs to be sent in to see if its something wrong with it. A little […]

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