Problems with TNT New Zealand

Everything isn’t good in the land of the Hobbits. One of them is currier services from TNT New Zealand.

Its been a while since I have experienced such poor service. Check out my troubles by following the link.

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wpengine coupon code

The excellent and specialized WordPress hosting company wpengine has a nice campaign at the moment – 3 months free hosting (worth up to $747 USD).

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This is the best WordPress hosting I have ever experienced. Their caching makes your WordPress site blazingly fast, and they keep WordPress updated for you and have a customer support that really knows WordPress and can help you out if you have problems.


11 golden rules for WordPress developers

Mikkel has written an article about what to do and what not to do when developing WordPress sites.

These are 11 personal «rules» for WordPress theme or plugin developers. They’re based on my own experience developing for the platform and bad practices I frequently see in WordPress themes and plugins. In my opinion, adhering to these rules will help you create better WordPress content.

Go read it now: 11 golden rules for WordPress developers


Got to love Apple sometimes

So my wifes iPhone starts acting up with low sound when in calls. I call Apple and after going through the possible software problems that could have caused it (with a very friendly and patient support woman), we decide it needs to be sent in to see if its something wrong with it.

A little over a day later UPS arrives at my house to pick up the iPhone, bringing along the pin to get out the SIM-card and all the necessary packaging to send the iPhone to AppleCare.

Then two days passes and they bring us a new iPhone with UPS currier to our door.

Check out the packaging, its just as cool opening an iPhone coming in from AppleCare Services as it is opening a new iPhone.

As you can imagine, I am super impressed. Someone has been thinking through all the steps to make it as easy as possible to have this process run smoothly and feel like a great experience to the user. This is much better than I could have ever expected if I had bought the phone at a local retailer.


Trouble embedding videos from Youtube on WordPress?

If you have having trouble embedding videos from Youtube or Vimeo on WordPress, make sure to check that you use http in the url and not https.

When I am writing this WordPress still does not support SSL (encrypted and secure communication), its a bug that has been reported a good while ago, and even with the latest WordPress version it still does not support https links.

To fix it, just change https to http in the link to the video.

So only results in a text link, while will embed the video, as you can see below.


How creativity is being strangled by the law

Good speech from Larry Lessig about the copyright vs creativity problem and a possible solution.

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Copyright math, or the 8 billion dollar iPod

Copyright math is not from this planet. That much is for sure.


The Spaceshuttle flying again

Really cool video of a private launch of the Space Shuttle (Lego edition)


The illuminated snowboarder

Beautiful snowboard movie. Incredible effect of lighting the snowboarder with a led suit


Snow art

If I say snow and art, you are probably thinking snow sculptures, snow men and the sort. But just walking in the snow can create great art too!