Got to love Apple sometimes

So my wifes iPhone starts acting up with low sound when in calls. I call Apple and after going through the possible software problems that could have caused it (with a very friendly and patient support woman), we decide it needs to be sent in to see if its something wrong with it.

A little over a day later UPS arrives at my house to pick up the iPhone, bringing along the pin to get out the SIM-card and all the necessary packaging to send the iPhone to AppleCare.

Then two days passes and they bring us a new iPhone with UPS currier to our door.

Check out the packaging, its just as cool opening an iPhone coming in from AppleCare Services as it is opening a new iPhone.

As you can imagine, I am super impressed. Someone has been thinking through all the steps to make it as easy as possible to have this process run smoothly and feel like a great experience to the user. This is much better than I could have ever expected if I had bought the phone at a local retailer.

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