Bedriftsguiden – Norwegian internet catalog with threatening letters

Bedriftsguiden and their lawyer has threatened me with suing me for damages. They claim I am in competition with them and that my writings about their service in my original blogentry Bedriftsguiden and their somewhat dodgy ways of marketing themselves are in violation with Norwegian marketing law. I know how this looks, I seem to be a magnet for letters from norwegian internet catalogs. I guess they don’t like the spotlight and digging I am doing on them – but lawyers and possible lawsuits will not stop me.

Google testing user specified ads

This is cool news. Google is testing a new ad format that allows the user to spesify what kind of ads he/she wants to see. I bet this will give the Google Adwords advertisers better click-throughs, more exposure and even better targeting. And the benifits for the user is also self evident. This is one of those kind of ideas that when you see it happen, you say “oh, of course – thats obivous”. You can see it in action right now over here. [Via InsideGoogle]

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