Blairs doodles turns out to be Gates doodles

This is an entertaining story. The english tablois have been covering the story of the doodles left behind after a press meeting with Bill Gates, Bono and Tony Blair. Trust the english “newspapers” to analyze the doodles and come up with a psyche-profile. Descriptions such as “megalomaniac” has been used. Times Online wrote: From a few idle doodles, the experts were able to offer a thorough assessment of Mr Blair as an aggressive, unstable man under enormous pressure, struggling to keep his irritability under control Funny thing is: Turns out

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Fighting spam with insults?

One of my many domains have been used by spammers for a while. Unfortunately its not much I can do about it, without spending a week to try to track down the perpetrators. It has resulted in numerous bounces from addresses that doesn’t work, vacation messages etc. While most spammers don’t use real e-mail addresses anymore, but instead resort to “steal” other peoples domains to use as sender addresses, I would not recommend doing what this girl did today. It could possibly confirm your e-mail address to the spammers. And

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