Blairs doodles turns out to be Gates doodles

gates-doodles.gifThis is an entertaining story. The english tablois have been covering the story of the doodles left behind after a press meeting with Bill Gates, Bono and Tony Blair. Trust the english “newspapers” to analyze the doodles and come up with a psyche-profile.

Descriptions such as “megalomaniac” has been used. Times Online wrote:

From a few idle doodles, the experts were able to offer a thorough assessment of Mr Blair as an aggressive, unstable man under enormous pressure, struggling to keep his irritability under control

Funny thing is: Turns out it wasn’t the english prime minister, but the american multi-billionaire Bill Gates that left his scribles behind.

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  1. I think the funniest part is that it was a whole lot of hopla while they thought it was Blair, but as soon as Microsoft confirmed it was Gates, everyone was like “oh, ok – that makes sense”. :-D

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