Google Sitemaps and Movable Type

Google Sitemaps is a new project from Google that aims to allow content creators to update the Google bots with information about site structure and update frequencies, among others. Google has made available a tool called Sitemap generator. Its written in Python to generate sitemaps from server logs, url lists and when run on your server it can also make lists based on server directories. There has been circulating a few different templates for Movable Type almost since Google Sitemaps was announced. Many of them has suffered from the rush

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Jon Udells screencast of the life of a Wikipedia article

This one seems to be going the rounds on the blogs I read: Heavy metal umlaut: the movie Its very interesting to see the evolution of this article through 2 years. To me it shows the power of Wikipedia as an encyclopaedia. Being an old Flash developer, it was also nice to see him using a system that utilises Flash for presentation, its in my mind clearly the right choice on the web today. Naturally I became curious to what tool he might have used. From what I can gather

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World on fire

Sarah McLachlan just scored herself a new fan. Instead of using 150,000 dollars on her video (not uncommon) she decided to give it all to various chareties. (According to the video, a total of $15 was used to make the video). Check out the video for World on fire, and also the donation list – could give you some good tips on how to use some of your christmas gift money this year. Oh, and YubaNet.com has the full story of how it all came about.

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Gmail invitation

Seems like all the bloggers I know have invitations to give away. Well, they are not alone. Although it took a while before I got my first invite, I am now reciving a lot of them from Google Mail. Because I am such a lazy bloke (all programmers are lazy, I am told), I’ll just copy/paste the text from Anders regarding the invites I have to give out. Like many others, I have a couple of invites to Gmail available. I initially had 3, gave them out and now I

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Ghost town

Although not a work of art or design, Elana aka “Kid of speed” from Kiev has made a very thought provoking website called Ghost town Its about Chernobyl and how it is to travel through the very radio active city close to it, as well as the area around the reactor. [Via Kyrre]

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Harvard study of Gator

An interesting on-going study of Gator by Ben Edelman at Harvard has gathered much interest lately. Today it appears that the pop-up ads provider Gator is fighting against the study of its software and advertisement placement. On the Greplaw blog Ben writes about Gator blocking access for his test servers, now he is looking for proxys to use for his study.

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Automated Denial-of-Service Attack Using the U.S. Post Office

Interesting way of fighting spam, spans real world “Denial-of-postal-Service-attack” (From Crypto-Gram Newsletter) In December 2002, the notorious “spam king” Alan Ralsky gave an interview. Aside from his usual comments that antagonized spam-hating e-mail users, he mentioned his new home in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The interview was posted on Slashdot, and some enterprising reader found his address in some database. Egging each other on, the Slashdot readership subscribed him to thousands of catalogs, mailing lists, information requests, etc. The results were devastating: within weeks he was getting hundreds of pounds of

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