Google Sitemaps and Movable Type

Google Sitemaps is a new project from Google that aims to allow content creators to update the Google bots with information about site structure and update frequencies, among others.

Google has made available a tool called Sitemap generator. Its written in Python to generate sitemaps from server logs, url lists and when run on your server it can also make lists based on server directories.

There has been circulating a few different templates for Movable Type almost since Google Sitemaps was announced. Many of them has suffered from the rush of getting them published as soon as possible.

If you are running a blog based on Movable Type, the template from Anders should be the one you choose: Google SiteMaps for Movable Type – now with correct Last Modified dates (Anders Jacobsen’s blog)

Not only has he fixed some bugs from the first templates published. He has also made sure you can distigunish between the new, fairly new and archive material so that you can set priority to max for new url’s while lowering priority of scanning for archived material (which probably hasn’t been updated since you wrote it – in any case).

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