Making the most of Google Desktop search

I was a little slow to really pick up how cool Google Desktop Search actually is. Even with it installed I really didn’t get to utilize it 100%. Among the things I couldn’t get it to do, was search through content on network shares. And it seemed that the only way to accomplish Googeling those would be to run an instance of Google Desktop Search on the file server. In my case that is impossible, since Google Desktop Search is only available for Windows and the file server in question is running Linux. On top of that my choice of e-mail software isn’t supported out of the box by Google Desktop Search. (I am a long time fan of Eudora for mail handeling on Windows boxes).

Well, as many of you probably have discovered already. There is a whole bunch of Plug-ins for Google Desktop Search.

To fix the problem with network shares, you just need to install a sweet little plug-in called TweakGDS – it will let you choose any mapped folder. (Read about how to map network folders if you don’t know already).

The fix for the e-mail problem wasn’t so easy to find. (That is, its not on the VERY short list of E-mail plug-ins for GDS).

But there is actually a GDS plug-in for Eudora available. Its called “Eudora Crawler” and seems to be doing the job.

If you are running Google Desktop Search and can’t get it to index your Netscape Mail / Thunderbird then you really should update. GDS is out of beta with a whole lot of new formats supported…

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