Nigerian Scam as comment spam

Nigeria scammers using comment spamming to fish for fools is certanly a new and “novel” approach. Hopefully anyone reading this post will understand exactly what kind of a scam this is.

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Spamnix for Eudora evolving

Eudora has always been my favorite mail application. It (almost) supports standard mailbox format (one mailbox = one file) so its easy to port mail from one platform to another, if configured right its virtually bulletproof against viruses, and it just works. My one gripe with it is that its only available for Windows and…… Continue reading Spamnix for Eudora evolving

Spam convention

Good to see the spammers are taking time off from making all our lives miserable to actually have a convention. The DM Days New York Conference and Expo was held on the 2nd to the 4th of June, and gathered spammers from all over to discuss ways of reaching people through spam, and words that…… Continue reading Spam convention

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Automated Denial-of-Service Attack Using the U.S. Post Office

Interesting way of fighting spam, spans real world “Denial-of-postal-Service-attack” (From Crypto-Gram Newsletter) In December 2002, the notorious “spam king” Alan Ralsky gave an interview. Aside from his usual comments that antagonized spam-hating e-mail users, he mentioned his new home in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The interview was posted on Slashdot, and some enterprising reader found his…… Continue reading Automated Denial-of-Service Attack Using the U.S. Post Office

Funny mail exchange

This is a funny e-mail exchage. Or more like a funny response to a not so interesting spam-mail from [!CrackMonkey!] [[email protected]: [pigdog] Re: Important test at] Well worth a read! [Via Doc Searls]