More about Google RSS Reader


Can you spot it? The Google Reader actually have a MP3-player built in. Great for checking out Podcasts!

And its done in Flash, of course. :-)


New online blog reader from Google

Google continues to crank out new services, and the last one to launch is Google reader

I have been a happy user of Bloglines for a good while, and it was nice to discover that it was easy to export my Bloglines reading list to an OPML-file and import it into the Google Reader.

Google has also made it easy both to import and export the reading list, so trying it out will be of no risk.

Still not sure if I like Bloglines way of showing posts grouped by blogs or Googles more “e-mail” like showing of posts in chronological order. So far it seems I might see more blog posts with Googles approach, which might be good.


Advice to bloggers by Joi Ito

This is a guy I have great respect for. And his advice seems like good advice for new and old bloggers.

Joi Ito’s Web: Blogging style


You need help thinking – Focus on the parts that you can’t figure out. Ask people to help you think.


I will be sure to remember his advice as I continue to blog.


Todays blog-to-visit: Snapshots

angelique-kidjo.jpgSnapshots is norwegian blogger Lene Solbakkens personal blog with lots of great pictures and travel stories.

Lene is an old friend of mine, and recently she has become quite the photograper. She has been traveling all over Norway and taken lots of great pictures from places such as Troms


Todays blog-to-visit: Overshadowed

Picture from Overshadowed - Copyright Keith Kin YanIf you, like me, like good photography, then you shouldn’t overlook overshadowed

Overshadowed is the photoblog of Keith Kin Yan. Many of his recent photo entries in his blog are photos shot with Hasselblad and Yashica medium format cameras. There are also pictures taken by his Nikon D2H digital camera. (OK, I officially have equipment envy).

The pictures are both from New York City and Hong Kong and showcase some incredible skills on lighting and framework. Especially the medium format pictures are breathtaking.

Well worth a look for anyone interested in photography, photos or other cultures.


Daily Show on the power of Blogs

blogging-daily.jpgJon Stewart of The Daily Show covers blogs and how they are smoking out the bandits of the media in “Blog Cabin Republican”. This is funny on so many levels.

Jon Stewart: Analysts revealed how CNN broke the breaking of the story.

CNN: Well, we found it… actually one of the bloggers found it. We found it through a blog…

Stewart: That’s the The Washington Post, their new motto… you heard it here, twelfth.

Stephen Cobart: Where I draw the line is with these attack bloggers… just someone with a computer who gathers, collates, and publishes accurate information that is then read by the general public. They have no credibility. All they have is facts.

Stewart: The medium of the internet may be new, but what bloggers do in many respects is what journalists do.

Cobart: What journalists do? As a journalist I think I know what I do… I’m not sitting at home in front of my computer, I’m out there busting my hump everyday at the Whitehouse…. transcribing their press releases… repeating their talking points…. that’s how you earn your nickname from President Bush…

Stewart: As long as these bloggers check their facts, why would you object to this type of political reporting?

Cobart: This isn’t political reporting Jon… their reporting on the reporters.

You can watch the story here:

Comedy Central – Blog Cabin Republican

Alternative link (for those of you without Windows Media Player)

[Via Sidewalk Theory]


Three years of blogging and not giving up

Today is the 3 year anniversary of my English blog. In three years I have been able to post 668 entries. Thats a little more than 1/2 an entry every day. In other words, all in all it hasn’t been the most active blog in the blogsphere.

But it still has been able to function in many ways. Both as a voice in the Flash community while I was working in that field, as a voice for my own very strong opinions in politics as well as place for me to just rant and rave.

There has been active months with many entries (I am too lazy to sit down and make statistics, sorry) – and there have been slow months, but I have been posting every month since I started 3 years ago.

At the moment this blog has slowed down a bit, although I have been posting more frequently lately. What the future will bring for this blog is hard to say. At the moment its shifting towards more focus on gadgets and internet technology. But I am also brewing the urge to write about other topics that it close to my heart – such as marketing. (Not the old kind, the new – that involves conversations and keeping it real).

If you are just joining or have joined in on the way, feel free to check out the archives. There might be some gems there ;)

anti-spam weblogs

The Register interviews a link spammer

If you own a blog, you have probably experienced it: Spammers who fill your comment sections with ads for Viagra, porn and gambling. Its the new nuisance of the web: Link spammers.

The Register has gotten a hold of one of them, and bring us this informative interview:

Interview with a link spammer

So how and why do “link spammers” – as they generically call themselves – do it? Are they the same as the email spammers? What do they think of what they do, ethically? And what can stop them? If you’re affected by this spam, say because you run a blog, or a website, or like the other 99.9 per cent of Net users just come across the stuff, Sam explain the important thing to remember is it’s nothing personal. They’re not targeting you personally. They’re just exploiting a weakness in a system which blossomed just at the time that Google cracked down on the previous method that spammers used, where huge “link farms” of their own web sites pointed circularly to each other to boost each others’ ranking.

[Via Ann Elisabeth’s blog]


RSS feeds and copyright

This dumb ass (also known as Martin Schwimmer of Trademark Blog, has a problem with Bloglines picking up his public RSS-feed and redistributing it. Because they might at some stage serve ads together with the content.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bloglines; its an online feedreader that you can use to read most any feeds from any news source or blog on the net that has its own feed.

Martin: I have the perfect solution: Stop publishing the feed. Its that simple. Crying about copyright problems when someone distributes your content is just plain stupid, especially when you go after a service such as Bloglines. You could just as well attack Radio for making feed available, or any internet provider for distributing your content without your consent.

This “clarification” doesn’t help either. More response can be found over at Scobles.

movabletype weblogs

Fighting comment spam

Jay Allen has written a very nice document on how to fight comment spam

Jay Allen should know a thing or two about comment spam. Before joing Six Apart he wrote the now famous MT-Blacklist plugin for Movable Type. If you are one of many thats experiencing problems with comment spam, then there really are three things you should take care of to get rid of the problem: