More to the Tsunami victims

Anders Jacobsen has pledged to give money for every bloggers that links to the aid organizations or for anyone that gives money to any of these organizations. A good pledge if you ask me, so here is my small contribution with a list of organizations that you can donate money to and help the victims of the Tsunami. International aid organizations: UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) United Nations’ World Food Programme Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors without Borders (donate!) CARE International The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent […]

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Trouble finding content for your blog? Heres an idea: Make your blog into an answerblog

This is a new “trend” that I am seeing amongst some of the blogs I follow: People have started reading their keyword logs and begun answering the questions that their visitors obvisouly have. Mind you, some of the questions that end up in my logs I am sure most people would leave unanswered. I thought I would give some examples, but there are just too many sensible searches to find the real bizare ones right now. So lets take a look at a couple of sensible searches that I could

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Food blogging

If you are into new and exciting food, then Oslo foodie is a blog you should take notice of. Unfortunatly I can’t tell who this blog belongs to, but it appears he/she must be a chef. There are some good links to other food blogs as well on the site. So if you are bored of eating the same old thing and want to get some tips to exciting new dishes – check it out. [Via digme]

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Podcasting maturing

For an explanation of what Podcasting is, see the definition at Wikipedia I haven’t really mentioned this new technology before. Partly because the content has been lacking – mostly in quality. And the platform used to be only Mac and iPod. To me the technology isn’t that exciting, its just push content with another carrier. Its the content that has been the barrier for me, and now it seems at least some shows are coming along and Podcasting is spreading like a virus. With this speed your granma will be

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MT-Blacklist bug

Today I got this error message when killing yet another spam in my blog: “Could not save your blacklist data: Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’” Pretty interesting error message. It didn’t immediately dawn on me that this was a MySQL related problem, before I started googeling it. Google-search: max_allowed_packet= mysql The problem seems to be that the whole blacklist is inserted as one insert into the database, and when it grows beyond 3914 spam listings it just gets so big to post directly to MySQL. Or as MySQL puts

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Quentin Tarantino blog

A cool new blog has surfaced. Apperantly its Quentin Trantinos own blog (Old url no longer works, instead its a spam blog there – the old url was: http://qtdiary.blogspot.com/ ). If you want to “read all about it”, there is an article about QTs diary over at Wikipedia From the writing I have read so far it seems likely it is. Judging from how he usualy communicates in interviews etc. BTW: If you are a Quentin fan, you might just get a blast out of Christen Nelsons story about her

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Teenage blogs

Interesting research of how blogs are used by teenagers. BBC News: Teenagers reach out via weblogs Teenage boys and girls are using blogs, easily publishable online diaries, in many more similar ways than has been predicted, according to a study. Previous studies on gender and the net have suggested girls communicate better, and more often, than boys. But US researcher David Huffaker’s study of 70 blogs contradicts this. He found the gender split in blog use was 50-50. But worryingly, teens tended to reveal more personal details on blogs than

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MP3 blogs

Forget file sharing, MP3 blogs are all the rage […]we have unashamed folks who are not afraid to provide you with a daily song that has been gracing their ears. Good stuff, big bands, and totally the definition of fair use I don’t know about fair use if the MP3s are rip’s of commercial songs, but it seems to me like it could be a good way for up and coming independent artists to get known across the net without the pimps of the record industry getting their 99%. [Via

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A wicked way to read newsgroups

Do you remember Usenet? Have you taken a fancy to Google Groups 2? (It really kicks ass. Fusing Usenet newsgroups, several corporate newsgroups and newsnets, mailinglists etc). Then you’ll love to hear that Google Groups 2 Beta now also features Atom feeds! Nick Bradbury: Google Groups 2: Usenet Atom Feeds Hey, just noticed that the Google Groups 2 BETA offers Atom feeds for each group. To see feeds for a specific group, use this format: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/NAME-OF-GROUP/feeds Well, now I am off to add some of my favorite mailinglists and newsgroups

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