Teenage blogs

Interesting research of how blogs are used by teenagers.

BBC News: Teenagers reach out via weblogs

Teenage boys and girls are using blogs, easily publishable online diaries, in many more similar ways than has been predicted, according to a study.

Previous studies on gender and the net have suggested girls communicate better, and more often, than boys.

But US researcher David Huffaker’s study of 70 blogs contradicts this.

He found the gender split in blog use was 50-50. But worryingly, teens tended to reveal more personal details on blogs than in chatrooms and forums.

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2 thoughts on “Teenage blogs”

  1. A study of adolescent blogging would have to include many many more than 70 blogs to have *any* statistical relevance whatsoever. “50-50 split”, “average post length of 2000 words”… whatever…

    BBC posts a lot of crap, but this has to be one of the worse columns I’ve read lately.

  2. Ungdomsblogger

    Perseus har funnet ut at 52 prosent av alle blogger er laget av tenåringer. Det er kanskje ikke så veldig overraskende, men det er interessant å merke seg at i en studie fant David Huffaker ved Children’s Digital Media Center

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