Flash and PHP photo gallery

This was a nice discovery today. A Flash gallery application, the SimpleViewer is free (as in beer (not sure about the license)). Together with the free (as in open source) .redSPLASH PHP administration interface you can run multiple galleries and administrate them easily.

[Via My Canon 10D and me]

8 thoughts on “Flash and PHP photo gallery”

  1. Thanks for the link Jarle! Yes SimpleViewer is free to use, but I’m not releasing the source at the moment. Does this answer your question about the license?

  2. Felix, thanks for the feedback. Nice gallery you have put together, thanks for giving it away! I don’t mind that you have chosen not to share the source code. Its your code and your choice :-)

    So I was right when I said its free (as in beer) ;-)

  3. if u cud possibly send me it i would be very happy, i wud like to have bigger thumnails and increase the size for the main pic, as eveything is reisized down and blurs, but my pics need to be seen in a bigger size to be read clearly

  4. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know about this one! I’m having a bit of trouble getting the ASP.net version working, but I suspect that the problem is likely to be me! Thanks again – to the author too :)

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