Bloglines – very cool blog reader

For those of us that are blessed with always-on-broadband: Bloglines | Free, Web-Based News Aggregator is the bomb. I started using it a couple of days ago. Right away I could import my subscriptions in OPML format (from Amphetadesk, Radio or whatever else you was using before Bloglines). It allows me to categorise the feeds I have (50 feeds so far), share them among friends and the rest of the Bloglines community. I can search my subscriptions directly in Bloglines or search all feeds that Bloglines indexes. You can also […]

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Windows client for MovableType and more

Ecto is a pretty cool new tool for MovableType, Blogger, Typepad and Windows users (Uses XML-RPC so it should be possible to use it with any blog system utilizing XML-RPC), at the moment it is in pre 1.0 beta, and this is my first post with it. Will probably report more about features and possibilites. The first that caught my eye is the possibility of having the song you are playing at the moment you are posting being listed automatically. Unfortuantly I haven’t been able to download the plug-in for

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Nikken replies?

I am not sure if this reply was supposed to be an official reply from Nikken. But I thought it was so funny I should share it with you all. Its a comment to my first entry about the whole Nikken ordeal. Let me quote the comment in full. With all the interesting information: IP Address: Name: Eckhard Email Address: [email protected] Comments: Hello, I am looking thru the inernet today, and I think you are a very sad man that should surely go out and get a LIFE! Is

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Ddos’ed by comment spammer

Now I have experienced being taken off the net by a comment spammer. Some lame ass trying to advertise his prono-site attacked my server with comments. Handeling MySQL inserts, page rebuilds etc. just got to much when MT was told to do it several times a second. Luckely I discovered it in time to shut down the webserver, block the offending IP, and then restart. Now I am curious to see if the ISP of the offender will take action against him/her/it.

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Being a Macromedia affiliate = being a sell out?

While nothing new to the Flash / MM community, the addition of the Macromedia Affiliate program has raised some eyebrows. Todd Dominey write in his blog What Do I Know about the affiliate program, referring to it as kickback Imidiatly there are comments such as “you just became a fulltime salesperson for them”. Which makes me wonder, do people actually think that hosting a blog with a lot of traffic is free? And do they belive that people will sell out for some few dollars from some “bigco”? Come on

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Counter Googeling

Good article at Trendwatching.com: Companies ‘googling’ their customers to offer them personalized services. I’ll come right out and say it: I am using Google in that way already, and have been for a while. Mostly because I am a curious fscker. Now I have a good reason to quote if anyone wonders why I am reading up on them ;-) Seriously though, I can see the benefit in this. So to my next hotel: I like seaside views, English breakfasts and comfy beds. *g* [Via A Whole Lotta Nothing]

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