Ddos’ed by comment spammer

Now I have experienced being taken off the net by a comment spammer. Some lame ass trying to advertise his prono-site attacked my server with comments. Handeling MySQL inserts, page rebuilds etc. just got to much when MT was told to do it several times a second. Luckely I discovered it in time to shut down the webserver, block the offending IP, and then restart.

Now I am curious to see if the ISP of the offender will take action against him/her/it.

6 thoughts on “Ddos’ed by comment spammer”

  1. Any luck with their ISP banning them/booting them/punishing them in any way?

    I’ve had my fair share of strange spamattacks, but find that most ISP are really not interested in doing much about it (this goes double if the offender is in Korea on kornet.net).

    ha det gott!

  2. According to them they delt with it. I haven’t seen anything from the same ip-range since, so I am guessing the account was closed down.

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