Sorry for the lack of updates

Its been over a month since my last update of the blog. Not too uncommon for blogs I guess, but its strange to be on the “outside” of all the fun stuff I see going on with Flash. Oh yeah, and some not so cool stuff — it sounds like there is always trouble when a new version of Flash comes out.

So what is it that is taking away from my time to play with Central, Flash 7 and all the other cool stuff going on?

Believe it or not, I have moved into the safety business with a company called Trygg og Sikker. The company started out on the web 18 months ago and opened its first physical store on the 30th of august.

“Trygg og Sikker” can be translated to “Safe and secure”, and sells safety products. You know, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, escape ladders etc. And get this: There are actually new safety products coming out all the time, like wireless smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher for TV sets. (The TV fire extinguisher is actually a space-age product, produced by the Russian space agency for the monitors in MIR).

Maybe I will bug you more sometime with posts about how its like running a safety shop. There are definitely some interesting stories and rants building up.

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