Being a Macromedia affiliate = being a sell out?

While nothing new to the Flash / MM community, the addition of the Macromedia Affiliate program has raised some eyebrows.

Todd Dominey write in his blog What Do I Know about the affiliate program, referring to it as kickback

Imidiatly there are comments such as “you just became a fulltime salesperson for them”. Which makes me wonder, do people actually think that hosting a blog with a lot of traffic is free? And do they belive that people will sell out for some few dollars from some “bigco”?

Come on now, if you are to buy my soul, I want a lot more than a low procentage commision on sales of a product that just happens to occure after someone clicks a link on my blog.

Come to think of it, you couldn’t buy my soul for money. But these people might be of another persvasion, what do I know.

[Via JD on MX]

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