Nikken update II

Just a quick Nikken update: I was told that I had to the 11th of february to remove offending content from my original posting about Nikken, but so far all my e-mails to Nikken asking them for more information about their “copyright” issue has gone unanswered, other than an interesting comment posted from the Nikken…… Continue reading Nikken update II

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Nikken replies?

I am not sure if this reply was supposed to be an official reply from Nikken. But I thought it was so funny I should share it with you all. Its a comment to my first entry about the whole Nikken ordeal. Let me quote the comment in full. With all the interesting information: IP…… Continue reading Nikken replies?

Nikken Update

The Nikken story continues, in this episode the threats are narrowed down to a couple of comments, and additional threats are generously distributed to the Nikken distributors.