Nikken update II

Just a quick Nikken update: I was told that I had to the 11th of february to remove offending content from my original posting about Nikken, but so far all my e-mails to Nikken asking them for more information about their “copyright” issue has gone unanswered, other than an interesting comment posted from the Nikken UK LTD network to my blog. ; -)

The status right now? I am not going to remove any content from any of my blogs related to Nikken, and that includes comments posted to the original story.

I don’t expect to hear anything else from Nikken or its distributors. But if I do, I promise to keep you all updated on the events. :-)

3 thoughts on “Nikken update II”

  1. Thought you might like a picture I made up… I will try to send it to you. It is of Larry Proffit – Nikken World Ambassador. What a big smile he has. Is that his real name I wonder?


  2. Hi.

    After reading some material, including your and Morten’s site, I have a feeling that Nikken has only recently began selling via network marketing model, which was introduced by a foreign, non-Japanese entrepreneurs. For the 20+ years history of Nikken, it sold only to the local Japanese customers, in a standard, marketized way.

    This article may give some hints about it:

  3. Heck yes he has a big smile. And yes, that is his real name. He’s my Grampa! Love you grampa!

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