Google knowledge

I’ve been fascinated with Google since they first started offering their service. When they first started all the other available search engines was full of spam and it was almost impossible to find anything useful with them. Google revolutionised search engines with their new approach to search. So ever since I first saw them I have been curious to know how it all works.

Thought I would share some of the resources I have found that speaks about Google and how it works. If you have any good links, I really hope you will contribute them in the comments section.

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine – probably the paper to read about how Google works, written by Sergey Brin and Lawrance Page (aka, the founders of Google).

How Google Works – is an article by GoogleGuide (not affiliated with Google). It also casts some light on how Google works.

More information about Google and other search engines can be found in my search engines category.

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