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Fighting comment spam

Jay Allen has written a very nice document on how to fight comment spam

Jay Allen should know a thing or two about comment spam. Before joing Six Apart he wrote the now famous MT-Blacklist plugin for Movable Type. If you are one of many thats experiencing problems with comment spam, then there really are three things you should take care of to get rid of the problem:


Friendly URLs in Movable Type

Arve has written a very nice tutorial covering how to set up Movable Type to use search engine and user friendly url’s.

Not only does he show how to set up Movable Type so you can customise the url’s yourself, but he also shows how to set up a template to do redirects from the old url format to the new url format in Movable Type. And it also works for customised url setups.

Slugs: Decrufting Movable Type URLs

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Windows client for MovableType and more

Ecto is a pretty cool new tool for MovableType, Blogger, Typepad and Windows users (Uses XML-RPC so it should be possible to use it with any blog system utilizing XML-RPC), at the moment it is in pre 1.0 beta, and this is my first post with it. Will probably report more about features and possibilites. The first that caught my eye is the possibility of having the song you are playing at the moment you are posting being listed automatically. Unfortuantly I haven’t been able to download the plug-in for WinAmp yet – but I will get to it.

A cool little function in the editor is that it will automatically past in the last url you have copied into the clipboard.

The only thing I am missing at the moment is a spell checker.

BTW: Ecto has been available for Mac for a long time.

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How to optimize your Movable Type blog for search engines

Nice article with many good tips from fellow norwegian blogger Anders Jacobsen: Optimizing Movable Type – Keyword links

While it will be interesting to see if the keywords will help making the search engines find blog entries, his tip will help you make content in your blog be more accessible to your users via MTs own search.

He also lists a lot of other good tips for making MT blogs more accessible, and of course – more visible in search engines.

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SharpMT – Offline windows editor for MT

This looks like a very interesting project. Randy Rants’s SharpMT is a Windows offline editor for MovableType. It is using XML-RPC to post to MovableType, and is quite handy if you aren’t always online, but still want the ability to work on blog postings.

The project is in a very active phase right now, with new builds being released almost every day. Its still in Beta, so if you start using it – you might find yourself updating quite often. It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Things to (possibly) come include a spell checker and a “WYSIWYG” editor.

[Via Anders Jacobsen’s Blog]

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MovableType creators create Blogger competitor

This is news that has had many a blogger buzzing the last few days. Six Apart (Ben Trott and Mena Trott), the creators of MovableType, announced TypePad – a service that are likely to rival Google owned Blogger. The promises of the service are grand, including a built-in photo album creation tool, a built-in Blogroll – a list of all your favorite sites, or lists of books and music you are reading and listening to. The real killer of the service will be the template maker. Users will be able to design their blog without knowing, or seeing, any HTML code and with great control.

To me this project looks promising, but the skeptic in me want to see the system up and running before buying into all the hype. Remember, this is only the announcement of a newly founded company just starting up, not the launch of the actual service.

The Guardian wrote about it first, and have more of the story and details: Battle of the blog builders

[Via Anders Jacobsen’s Blog]

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MTCodeBeautifier – ActionScript highlight plug-in for MovableType

Here is a cool plug-in for MovableType, it is sure to become very useful considering how many Flashers are using MovableType today. (Not to mention all the Perl and PHP programmers using it): MTCodeBeautifier – MovableType Syntax Highlighting Plug-in

It is Sean Voisen of (former EatOrange) that has taken a project called Beautifier, used for Perl code highlighting, and added support for ActionScript and several other script/programming languages, as well as adding the necessary code to make it into a MovableType plug-in.

Great work Sean! :-)

Testing the plug-in:

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So whats so cool about Trackback?

I am sorry for not taking the time to explain about Trackback in my previous posting. Fernando has already raised the question – “explain to me a good use of the trackback feature?”

TrackBack (manual) enables weblogs to ping each-other, so if I am writing about something that Mike has already posted about – I can add his trackback url and his posting will be pinged, and I will be listed among the “Trackbacks”. Its a great way to keep track of weblogs posting about the same topic, and adds another layer to the “conversation”, at least IMHO.

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Having fun with MovableType

Having lots of fun with MovableType today, I have updated to the latest version (2.63) and moved my entries into MySQL – Should allow me to have some fun with statistics (expect some charts), and with extracting information easier than I did before.

It also means that I am adding Trackback to my blog, and have also kick-started a wish to do a little with my CSS and templates. Don’t expect the CSS to become more IE friendly, there is a higher chance of the opposite, although I hope that I will get rid of the most annoying IE bugs when redoing my CSS.

In the middle of all of this, I found a very cool site if you are using MovableType: MT Plug-in Directory. Its a site full of links to cool plug-ins for MovableType.

In there I found empty pages (some movable type tips) which offers a really useful MT-plug-in in the form of the showTemplates plug-in. It allows you to share your templates with your friends and foes a lot easier. (Expect mine to become available when I finish v.2).

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MovableType Warning (or what happens when you don’t read the manual)

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run this by you all, but if you are a MovableType user, and haven’t read the install notes, then shame on you, and please make sure to fix this “security problem“.

If you followed the installation manual, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you just installed it without making sure to remove some important files after the install (which is very clearly pointed out in the manual), then you are in trouble. Seems like there is quite a lot of people not making sure to remove these files after installation.. But I am sure that doesn’t apply to any one of you guys and gals out there :-)

Chris Hileman:

there is a hacker or group of hackers out there who are getting into MT blogs. It is not a problem with MT but it IS a possible problem with installation. If you did not delete you mt-load.cgi or your mt-updrade.cgi DO IT NOW! These hackers are running these files which writes the default user back into the user database. That then allows them to access you blog and reek havoc on it. Again, make sure to delete thoses files ASAP!

[Via PocketBlog]

PS: Which reminds me about a story that Wired was running just a day or so ago: “Read The F***ing Story, Then RTFM