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Fighting comment spam

Jay Allen has written a very nice document on how to fight comment spam Jay Allen should know a thing or two about comment spam. Before joing Six Apart he wrote the now famous MT-Blacklist plugin for Movable Type. If you are one of many thats experiencing problems with comment spam, then there really are […]

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Friendly URLs in Movable Type

Arve has written a very nice tutorial covering how to set up Movable Type to use search engine and user friendly url’s. Not only does he show how to set up Movable Type so you can customise the url’s yourself, but he also shows how to set up a template to do redirects from the […]

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MTCodeBeautifier – ActionScript highlight plug-in for MovableType

Here is a cool plug-in for MovableType, it is sure to become very useful considering how many Flashers are using MovableType today. (Not to mention all the Perl and PHP programmers using it): MTCodeBeautifier – MovableType Syntax Highlighting Plug-in It is Sean Voisen of (former EatOrange) that has taken a project called Beautifier, used […]

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So whats so cool about Trackback?

I am sorry for not taking the time to explain about Trackback in my previous posting. Fernando has already raised the question – “explain to me a good use of the trackback feature?” TrackBack (manual) enables weblogs to ping each-other, so if I am writing about something that Mike has already posted about – I […]

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Having fun with MovableType

Having lots of fun with MovableType today, I have updated to the latest version (2.63) and moved my entries into MySQL – Should allow me to have some fun with statistics (expect some charts), and with extracting information easier than I did before. It also means that I am adding Trackback to my blog, and […]

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