MTCodeBeautifier – ActionScript highlight plug-in for MovableType

Here is a cool plug-in for MovableType, it is sure to become very useful considering how many Flashers are using MovableType today. (Not to mention all the Perl and PHP programmers using it): MTCodeBeautifier – MovableType Syntax Highlighting Plug-in

It is Sean Voisen of (former EatOrange) that has taken a project called Beautifier, used for Perl code highlighting, and added support for ActionScript and several other script/programming languages, as well as adding the necessary code to make it into a MovableType plug-in.

Great work Sean! :-)

Testing the plug-in:

CheckerBoard.prototype.drawBoard = function () {

// Settings necessary for resizing of the board

Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";

Stage.align = "tl";

for ( var i = 0; i < this._rows; i++ ) { for ( var j = 0; j < this._cols; j++ ) { if ( (i+1)%2 == 0 ) { if ( (j+1)%2 == 0 ) { this.private_drawSquare( "WhiteSquare", i, j ); } else { this.private_drawSquare( "BlackSquare", i, j ); } } else { if ( (j+1)%2 == 0 ) { this.private_drawSquare( "BlackSquare", i, j ); } else { this.private_drawSquare( "WhiteSquare", i, j ); } } } } // Set the drawn variable this._drawn = true; }


3 thoughts on “MTCodeBeautifier – ActionScript highlight plug-in for MovableType”

  1. new movable type plugin – for syntax highlighting!

    Sean Voisen has just released MTCodeBeautifier – a Movable Type plugin that highlights the syntax of various languages. Languages supported so far include: PHP, Java, Scheme, Perl, and ActionScript. He says that it’s quite easy to add additional langua…

  2. Upon further inspection, I am quite dissapointed to realize that the filter must be applied to an entire post or as a portion of a template. I was hoping that Sean would use something like Brad Choate’s MTMacro ( ) to create a custom tag that would then be used like a standard HTML tag within the Entry body of any post. That would be ideal. If I post some PHP or actionscript, I’ll probably have some of my own text in there too… and I don’t want it making all my “NOT”s and “AND”s into different colors.

    -michael (the above is an exerpt from my post at )

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