Having fun with MovableType

Having lots of fun with MovableType today, I have updated to the latest version (2.63) and moved my entries into MySQL – Should allow me to have some fun with statistics (expect some charts), and with extracting information easier than I did before.

It also means that I am adding Trackback to my blog, and have also kick-started a wish to do a little with my CSS and templates. Don’t expect the CSS to become more IE friendly, there is a higher chance of the opposite, although I hope that I will get rid of the most annoying IE bugs when redoing my CSS.

In the middle of all of this, I found a very cool site if you are using MovableType: MT Plug-in Directory. Its a site full of links to cool plug-ins for MovableType.

In there I found empty pages (some movable type tips) which offers a really useful MT-plug-in in the form of the showTemplates plug-in. It allows you to share your templates with your friends and foes a lot easier. (Expect mine to become available when I finish v.2).

2 thoughts on “Having fun with MovableType”

  1. You saved a lot of time upgrading now. Movable Type changed it version 3 times on the last week ( 2.6, 2.61, 2.62 and now 2.63 ) and wont surprise me if it releases an upgrade this week.

    BTW, this last version corrects a bug found by Mike Chambers =)

    The most interesting thing about Movable Type is the ability to build plugins. We have developed a plugin that will hightlight actionscript code posted between the [as][/as] tags. Movable Type has some big problems with the search/send_entries templates. They doesnt give you the possibility to work easily with its design. And theres no possibility to have search results individually ( without opening the cgi files i mean ). Can anyone explain me a good use for the trackback feature? Its seems useless for me. =/

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