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The Adobe Creative Suite rip-off

What is Adobe thinking? Have they decided that americans are poor and europeans are filthy ritch, and that a product should cost twice as much in Europe as it does in the US? It appears so. has this story: CS3 international pricing insane showing the disgusting mugging of european customers by Adobe. There is […]

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Flash CS3 on the way has a first look at what is to come in the new Flash CS3. Flash CS3 Preview – Flashmagazine Although this is the third iteration of Adobes Creative Suite, for many of us, this is the first true test of the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe a year and half ago. And based on […]

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New Flash blog: Flashgamer

Jensa of Flashmagazine fame has finally gone to the “bold” step of setting up his own blog: Flashgamer This is what Jensa has to say about his new blog: Flashgamer won’t be a blog about me, but rather about some of my hobbies. I’ll post cool Flash Games that I find, personal opinions and small […]

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Flash 8 released

Flash 8 has been released. With improved scripting, improved font handling, improved video codec courtesy of On2 technologies VP6 codec. and a lot more that you can read about in Flashmagazines Flash 8 coverage

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Freeware Flash tool: Wink

This is a nice little program: Wink Wink is a freeware tool for Windows for creating tutorials on how to use software, websites etc. Using Wink you can capture screenshots of your software, use images that you already have, type-in explanations for each step, create a navigation sequence complete with buttons, delays, titles etc and […]

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Flash Slideshow

Todd (What Do I Know) has done a lot of work on his open source Flash slideshow since I reported on it 1/2 a year ago. It has been released in a “regular version”, and is to be released as a “pro” version with more capabilities soon. Lets hear what Todd has to say about […]

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Flash and PHP photo gallery

This was a nice discovery today. A Flash gallery application, the SimpleViewer is free (as in beer (not sure about the license)). Together with the free (as in open source) .redSPLASH PHP administration interface you can run multiple galleries and administrate them easily. [Via My Canon 10D and me]

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MMUG London with Grant Skinner and Mike Chambers

Flashmagazine – MMUG UK May 2004 The London Macromedia User Group has an enviable track record of attracting world class speakers. In the last year alone Lucas and Aral have managed to present Ben Forta, Tim O’Reilly and FlashMagazine columnists Steve and Ali from iteration:two. This trend continued last night with a formidable double bill […]

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Open source Flash slide show

Todd of “What do I know” has released code (FLA) and an SWF with his slide show that he developed for the PGA Championship: Flash slide show source Its a very nice project. It loads a list of the pictures from an XML file where you set your file names, random or sequential showing, and […]

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