Jon Udells screencast of the life of a Wikipedia article

This one seems to be going the rounds on the blogs I read: Heavy metal umlaut: the movie

Its very interesting to see the evolution of this article through 2 years. To me it shows the power of Wikipedia as an encyclopaedia.

Being an old Flash developer, it was also nice to see him using a system that utilises Flash for presentation, its in my mind clearly the right choice on the web today.

Naturally I became curious to what tool he might have used. From what I can gather by my quick detective spree he is using a tool called Camtasia Studio. It records from the screen in full motion and also allows you to narrate with audio as it is recording. Camtasia outputs the resulting movie as Flash (swf or flv), Windows media (wmv), Quicktime, Realmedia, animated gif or as a projector file (exe).

With a price of US $299 its shouldn’t be out of reach for people that want to easily make guides for software or even for web sites and web applications.

3 thoughts on “Jon Udells screencast of the life of a Wikipedia article”

  1. Brian, I actually use Windows Movie Maker for some rudimentary editing. Its not the same as Camtasia at all. There is no other output format in Windows Movie Maker than WMV, and as far as I can tell no real easy way to capture screen actions.

  2. I am trying out Camtasia Studio 2 right now after watching that same wikipedia screencast. I just found out about screencasting two days ago, and I am really amazed by Camtasia.

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