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This is an interesting announcement through the Google Blog:

Google Video is a new product that enables you to search an index of transcripts from recent TV programs. It’s just an early-stage beta product at this point; you’ll only see stills and text snippets from shows that match your search terms, and you can only search shows from a few channels, dating back to December, 2004, when we started compiling the index.

Google promises to keep improving this early version of “video search”. As far as I can tell all the major American TV-channels are represented with transcripts. The question is how much Google will be allowed to share though this system – will we see a video search that will give us access to video segments as well as transcripts and screen shots?

2 thoughts on “Search TV with Google”

  1. Have you checked out BlinkxTV yet? It actually has moving video and supports a wide variety of channels; not just American channels. It came out in December. I hope Google will prove to be as good as Blinkx.

  2. yeah, i checked out blinkxtv back in dec. and was totally excited when i heard google was releasing a version also, but i tried it and it didnt have anything like blinkx! first of all, its not even really video. blinkx you could actaully watch video and get the captions. google just has more images it seems in their database now. blinkx is really cool. everyone who wants to search for video should check it out..oh and they get like 20 channels!

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