Three in one

Cool use of Flash, wicked music and an interesting photo-collage of tired mornings is the CBC RADIO 3 : Snooze button feature in short. Dean Baldwin has wired his digital camera to his alarm clock and recorded his early-morning-face for the rest of us to enjoy. The project was 3 years in the making. Canadian radio station CBS 3 is sure to see me visiting their site again. Their issue included many other interesting projects, and their site is frequently updated with new projects. [Via Digme via reBlog]

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ActionScript reference library – The community doing Macromedia’s job

ActionScript.com launched their ActionScript Reference library this week. Complete with user contributed notes. Its a joint venture between several Flash resource sites, and many of the top ActionScripers in the community. Building a reference for ActionScript has been something that the community has talked about for many years, and Macromedia has failed to deliver the reference resource so many developers and designers have been wanting for. True, Macromedia have their ActionScript Dictionary, but that reference is both unsearchable and un-noted. Not allowing for user feedback to the dictionary is a

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The Flash 7 buzz is on

If you follow the flash blogs, you would have had a hard time missing the launch of the public beta of the next Flash player. It seems we are in for a lot of sites coming and going with unofficial information about the player, as well as drips of information from the Macromedian bloggers. One of the key new features is that the new player is self updating, a feature I know Macromedia has been more or less aware of was needed since Flash 5. Other news is improvement in

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BrowserHistory Class relocated

Its the sad story of the web, resources come and go. Not too long ago I got this e-mail from a fellow in Germany: Hello Jarle, any idea about where Kenny Bunch and his URLS got lost to…? It’s the browserHistoryClass you mentioned that I am interested in. Keep up the good reviewing and evaluationg work that you are known for. I enjoy coming back to read exciting news every time… Kind Regards from Frankfurt Philip Lynch (Ok, so I should have left out the last part — but I

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Flash blog: moockblog

Nice to see Colin Moock get onboard the Flash blogs. I am sure that Colin will be a good addition to the Flash blogs, considering his well documented knowledge of ActionScripting and Flash (ActionScript for Flash MX : The Definitive Guide (Second Edition)). One of the very best Flash books out there! Not to mention his very good web resource with Flash/CSS/Javascript and web design/development information. Now, go visit his

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Flash mini-blog reader from Michael Gunn

Its nice to see how the community keeps building on each-other. This time its Michael Gunn (Hollowcube.com) that has released a very nice, clean and fast mini-blog reader. Yes, that is right. I have finally created my own RSS blog reader! And it’s pretty darn cool if I may say so myself. It will eventually be part of the hollowcube.com blog interface, so it’s in ‘Beta’ at this moment. Its based on Samuel Wan’s RSSDataFactory parser and Micheal has threatened to release the source code eventually. I can’t wait. This

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MTCodeBeautifier – ActionScript highlight plug-in for MovableType

Here is a cool plug-in for MovableType, it is sure to become very useful considering how many Flashers are using MovableType today. (Not to mention all the Perl and PHP programmers using it): MTCodeBeautifier – MovableType Syntax Highlighting Plug-in It is Sean Voisen of Voisen.org (former EatOrange) that has taken a project called Beautifier, used for Perl code highlighting, and added support for ActionScript and several other script/programming languages, as well as adding the necessary code to make it into a MovableType plug-in. Great work Sean! :-) Testing the plug-in:

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