BrowserHistory Class relocated

Its the sad story of the web, resources come and go. Not too long ago I got this e-mail from a fellow in Germany:

Hello Jarle, any idea about where Kenny Bunch and his URLS got lost to…? It’s the browserHistoryClass you mentioned that I am interested in.

Keep up the good reviewing and evaluationg work that you are known for. I enjoy coming back to read exciting news every time…

Kind Regards from Frankfurt

Philip Lynch

(Ok, so I should have left out the last part — but I just couldn’t get myself to do it ;-)

As luck would have it I got in touch with Kenny and now have the pleasure of being allowed to host the files here at

So now, the neat little class for those of you that want to integrate the back/forward browser buttons in your flash projects, is back again:

BrowserHistory Class

Kenny is a little busy these days, working his ass off and getting ready to get married, so it might take a little while before a new version of the class becomes available. I am sure he will get around to making it even better some time after the honeymoon!

Congratulations on the marriage Kenny!

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