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No, I am not paid by Opera, but I thought this article in The Register was fun reading.

You can’t trust a mother when she praises her child, but you can trust dear old Mum’s recommendation for a new piece of technology.

The latest instance of approval from the matriarch followed her installation of the Opera browser. It seems with version 7.1 of Opera for Windows, a bunch of Norwegian programmers have done what Microsoft still can’t – make a browser that puts loads of good features right at any mum’s hands.

So go out and grab it: Opera

6 thoughts on “More about Opera”

  1. There is a very simple solution to that: Buy it! After all, Opera Software is in the market to make money, and they make a piece of software that is well worth the USD $39 they charge for it.

  2. Ofcourse the adverts aren’t *that* intrusive if you have your screen set to a reasonable resolution.

    Personally I’ve got a blind spot for that banner, I don’t even notice it anymore when browsing in a non-registered version ;-)

  3. No thanks to buying it. It’s hard to spend money on a product when it’s equivelants are free.

  4. Which product would that be, exactly. Surely you are not refering to Internet Explorer. But if for some strange reason you do, please take the time to actually compare the two browsers first.

  5. Why bother with Opera at all? It’s a great browser I give you that, but the top takes up so much screen realestate. I really don’t like how so much of the screen is used by other things.

    I use Firebird, this is to soon replace the Mozilla Browser in the Mozilla Suite. It’s FAST (very fast) it’s fully complient it’s 100% free and it’s based on Gecko.

    Unlike Opera it gets recognised as a gecko based browser allowing detection scripts to work correctly and … it’s just more solid all round.

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