The Flash 7 buzz is on

If you follow the flash blogs, you would have had a hard time missing the launch of the public beta of the next Flash player.

It seems we are in for a lot of sites coming and going with unofficial information about the player, as well as drips of information from the Macromedian bloggers.

One of the key new features is that the new player is self updating, a feature I know Macromedia has been more or less aware of was needed since Flash 5. Other news is improvement in general speed, as well as better video performance. Another neat feature in Flash 7 is that the mouse wheel will finally work in text fields without any extra scripting.

You can be sure other news will trickle out of Macromedia as the launch gets closer.

Here is some of the buzz collected for your convenience:


IMG tag in Flash 7

Macromedian blogger John Dowdell:

Flash Player 7 Public Beta


Flash Player 7 Public Beta!

FP7 show massive speed increase

Flash Player 7 Available, Now

Flashcoders list:

Thread about Flash 7

Oscar Trelles:

Flash 7 beta: Early findings

Feel free to let me know about other Flash 7 information sources I should link to. Especially if they contain information I haven’t posted here.

BTW: I know about some unofficial lists of functions in Flash 7, but I am guessing that is not something MM want floating around, so I’ll keep my mouth shut for now. :-) Best hint for finding out new cool stuff in Flash 7 is to keep your ear on the various Flash mailing lists.

[Update 22.41 CET]

– Added a new link on top of the buzz links, to Macrofun with information about the inclusion of a image tag (<img>) in Flash 7.

– Sebastian Deutsch gives us a tip about a Flash movie he has made that lists all the new functions in Flash 7. Check it out in the comments section.

[Update 2003-08-07]

C|net has picked up on the public beta of the Flash 7 player. About time ;-)

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