The Adobe Creative Suite rip-off

What is Adobe thinking? Have they decided that americans are poor and europeans are filthy ritch, and that a product should cost twice as much in Europe as it does in the US? It appears so. has this story: CS3 international pricing insane showing the disgusting mugging of european customers by Adobe.

There is a petition going on, so if you are also disgusted by the price policy of Adobe – then you should really take a minute to sign the petition!

2 thoughts on “The Adobe Creative Suite rip-off”

  1. I think what’s missing is some discourse and explanation from Adobe. John Dowdell hinted as such (see Peter Elst’s blog).

    maybe – just maybe – the justification so far is actually true, that remote offices cost $$$ run and there’s only limited ways to recoup that?

    would you rather loose regional representation and buy directly from the US? I wouldn’t.

    but so far there hasn’t been any official dialog from Adobe over this so we can only speculate.

    C’mon, Adobe, give us some truth here.

    BTW, Windows Vista pricing is suffering the same backlash.

    my 2c

  2. Well it says “Creative License. Take as much as you want”. Maybe there wasn’t enough room for the follow up “We do!”c

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