Nice Movable Type hacks

Scott Andrew is a guy that always has lots of interesting knowledge to share about Flash, XML, JavaScript, DHTML etc. And he is also using Movable Type for his weblog. I just discovered that he has put together a few Movable Type hacks, very nice :-) I just installed the «Search Link Shortcuts» which adds buttons to easily add links to Google search, dictionary search and Amazon search, so now you all know the reason for those kind of links poping up in the time to come :-)

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Moveable Type 2.0

Version 2.0 of Moveable Type has been released. New features: Multiple category support: the ability to assign multiple categories per entry Multi-language date formatting: format your dates in 9 different languages Thumbnail creation: automatically create thumbnails from uploaded images Multiple archive templates per archive type Interface modifications: application navigation and icon improvements based on findings from usability testing done by CarbonIQ Power Edit screen: Apply title, category, or author changes to multiple entries — using one screen and all at once More sorting options for the MTEntries tag: alphabetical by

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