Trouble finding content for your blog? Heres an idea: Make your blog into an answerblog

This is a new “trend” that I am seeing amongst some of the blogs I follow: People have started reading their keyword logs and begun answering the questions that their visitors obvisouly have.

Mind you, some of the questions that end up in my logs I am sure most people would leave unanswered. I thought I would give some examples, but there are just too many sensible searches to find the real bizare ones right now.

So lets take a look at a couple of sensible searches that I could probably answer on my own blog:

setting up a wireless network

how to read newsgroups

where to get gmail invitation

Anders is there already with his own answerblog secion. And he is getting visitors from the search engines, as well as a little money from Google ads for his efforts.

Anders Jacobsen’s blog: Answerblog Archives

Take a look, he might even have answered some questions you haven’t gotten around to Google yet ;-)

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