A wicked way to read newsgroups

Do you remember Usenet? Have you taken a fancy to Google Groups 2? (It really kicks ass. Fusing Usenet newsgroups, several corporate newsgroups and newsnets, mailinglists etc). Then you’ll love to hear that Google Groups 2 Beta now also features Atom feeds!

Nick Bradbury: Google Groups 2: Usenet Atom Feeds

Hey, just noticed that the Google Groups 2 BETA offers Atom feeds for each group. To see feeds for a specific group, use this format:


Well, now I am off to add some of my favorite mailinglists and newsgroups to my Bloglines subscriptions.

2 thoughts on “A wicked way to read newsgroups”

  1. About Google’s Beta 2:

    I am the recognized maintainer of the us.* hierarchy of Usenet, and I am more than a little upset with what Google is doing. Google doesn’t OWN Usenet, and has no right to pass our articles around the Internet without our advice and consent. Google did not create any of those articles. They were created by the Usenet posters whose names appear as authors, and those posters have a clear copyright interest in their own posts. just as you have a clear copyright interest in your own blog. How would you like for someone to pass your blog around the way Google is doing to our Usenet newsgroups?

  2. You think that isn’t happening already? There are tons of sites that makes money off of my content as well as many other bloggers already. But you know what? Its ok. If they can serve some kind of use I think its great.

    Google indexing Usenet newsgroups are wrong now, because Google is making money from advertising? Come on, who else would be doing it? Deja news?

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