Podcasting maturing

For an explanation of what Podcasting is, see the definition at Wikipedia

I haven’t really mentioned this new technology before. Partly because the content has been lacking – mostly in quality. And the platform used to be only Mac and iPod. To me the technology isn’t that exciting, its just push content with another carrier.

Its the content that has been the barrier for me, and now it seems at least some shows are coming along and Podcasting is spreading like a virus. With this speed your granma will be making her own Podcast show by next christmas. Which means, I guess – that we will get a lot of crap and some cool gems – kinda like blogs in other words.

Doc Searls picked up on a good article about what the Podcast will mean in the future: But the TV show or the band?

I did not expect to like his show. What could that big haired egomaniac from the 80

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