Spam fighting tools: Eudora 6.0 Beta

I have been following anti-spam tools for a while, and in the latest year there has been a boom of services and programs to fight spam – for reasons obvious to anyone with an e-mail account. But what has become painfully obvious is that the e-mail programs themselves have to change in order for user-friendly solutions to spam fighting to appear. Apple was one of the first to launch such an e-mail program with their OS X mail application, supporting Bayesian filtering.

Eudora is about to take it to the next level, with Eudora 6.0 they are making it easy to integrate spam fighting tools directly into the mail program. Qualcomm claims that Eudora 6.0 will catch most junk mail and quarantine it with their SpamWatch, whose large dictionary of words can be simply added to by the user. Add to that Eudora’s junk mail system that is open to third party developers, which allows other anti-spam tools, including those running at your site or ISP, to simply and smoothly be integrated.

Seems like a good start and a concept that is sure to be copied by others in the future.

Eudora 6.0 is still in early beta stages, but public betas for OS X and Win 32 are available on Qualcomms site.

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