A few good tips on how to battle spam with Eudora

  1. Install Spamnix, this anti-spam tool comes as a free trial and doesn’t cost much to buy
  2. Make sure that images in spam e-mails are never shown, most of them are linked with information about who you are – if you open them, they will give you away and verify your e-mail address. You can fix this in a couple of ways:
    1. Disable preview of e-mails by going to

      Tools -> Options ->Viewing Mail -> Preview Pane

      and un checking “Show messages in preview pane”

      While you are in that window, I would also recommend un checking the “Use Microsoft’s viewer” in the Message Window part of the screen. That will make you safer against viruses.

    2. Go to

      Tools -> Options -> Display

      and un check the “Automatically download HTML graphics”

      This is a move I highly recommend! – It will stop Eudora from downloading images included in formatted e-mail, thereby making it impossible for spammers to use images to verify e-mail addresses.

BTW: If you don’t have it already, Eudora is available for download at Eudora.com, and comes as a light version (no ads, fewer functions), sponsored version (free with all functionality available, but with ads), and as a for-pay version with all the features and none of the ads. They even have an Internet Suite including e-mail and a lightweight browser for the Palm OS.

PS: No money changed hands for me to praise Eudora like this, I just feel that Qualcomm has made a great job with their tools and deserve some praise now and then. :-)

2 thoughts on “A few good tips on how to battle spam with Eudora”

  1. I thought I’d mention this because I only recently found a good piece of software to combat the spam. [My email client is The Bat, which I highly recommend as an ex-Eudora user]. Anyway, I found Popfile on SourceForge. It’s sits between your POP account and your email client. After installing it, you train it how to sort your mail for a few days and it learns. It can get rid of your spam, but it can also sort your messages any way you like, which is useful if you like to keep everything nice and organized. I’m quite impressed with it so far. It’s open-source, cross-platform…and free! Check it out:


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