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Want to play with Google?

Google has made available a virtual play house for those that like to play with search engines – – Google Demos Quote from The Register: “These are experiments, we want people to play with them,” Google’s Nathan Tyler told us. An accompany FAQ stresses that the projects are in rough works-in-progress, suppported only by […]

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What not to do when you want support

John Dowdell, one of the forum surfers and participators at Macromedia writes: Thread titles I skipped over today: “Can this be done?”, “Help please”, “URGENT – going crazy!!”, “Test this?”, “This is all absorbing”, “Here is a strange one”, “printing”, “test”, “Re: books”, “Why doesn’t this work?”, “Another question!”, and pretty much anything with “CSS” […]

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Been fooled yet?

Been fooled yet? I have been looking out for april fools stories this morning, and haven’t really found any yet. Know of a good media/web april fools that has been unraveled today? Let me know… April Fools’ Day Around the World

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